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Everything that I post in this blog is for sale and handmade by me.
I only accept cash, checks, or money orders.
Prices will be listed with the item.
I can make anything in any size and color.
I take requests, so if you'd like to buy something that I don't have, let me know and I will do my best to make it.
I only ship to the USA.
How it works is you order, you send me the money, I make it as soon as I get the money, and I send it back to you. :)
Anonymous: Do you wish you could still be with your boyfriend?

I do.Very much

20downtowin: oh. my. god. i'm in love. Me and my boyfriend say when we move out we're going to have an octopus named Oscar and we're gonna walk him on a leash. So i'm deff saving up for an octopus. Now i also call him my little lion and your lion is so cute so omg i'm saving up and gonna go crazy ok??

awwwh :D okay ^-^

halfbakedandconfused: how much for a beanie with the Rasta colors? :D

$16 :)